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Banish parking pains. Enjoy your city on foot. Park-N-Walk for a happier, healthier city!

Issue Area: Health & Transportation

Park N' Walk - How It Works

The Idea

At Walk [Your City], we work with communities to create street signs for people that encourage healthier transportation choices (showing minutes on foot vs. miles by car to a destination). Our municipal partners have repeatedly told us just how challenging it is for cities to get people out of their cars. City and county staff, public health agencies, downtown organizations, citizen advocacy groups: all share that they struggle to make it more comfortable and accessible for folks who don’t typically walk to make more active transportation choices. Parking has emerged as a major pain point, as drivers circle in search of parking points right in front of their destination -- neglecting available parking a short (walkable!) distance away.

Parking shouldn’t be a problem. We propose to leverage our success with rapid prototyping of pedestrian wayfinding signs -- powered by our existing tech at Walk [Your City] -- and apply our approach to a new “park-and-walk” model (#parknwalk). Our Park N’ Walk tool will alleviate parking pains in downtowns and emerging neighborhood centers, filling currently underused parking spaces and getting more feet on the street in front of local businesses.

Many cities are already interested in applying a “park-once” model, focusing on central lots, strips, and structured parking. We will automate this approach, overlaying technology to make this model accessible and appealing to drivers -- and simple for cities to implement. Our tech will not only help identify free park-and-walk lots, but will also enhance users’ downtown experience on foot, showing them all of the amenities and attractions they can walk to via a basic web and/or mobile app. In the physical realm, directional signs around the parking lot will point users to areas included in the app.

Our Experience

Through Walk [Your City], we make it easier for folks to take useful walks by creating street signs for people that provide the distance in minutes to community amenities. Ours is a deceptively simple solution to a complex problem: people choose not to walk not just because of our auto-dominated culture / streetscape, but also because of (often mistaken) perceptions that “it’s too far!” to walk somewhere. We offer towns and cities a tech-powered response to this challenge, showing residents that “it’s not too far!” via street signs linked to directional information.

Primary Users

Municipalities, downtown development agencies


  • Matt Tomasulo, MCRP / MLA - founder + chief civic instigator, Walk [Your City], founder of CityFabric, Inc., member of NextCity Vanguard, recipient of three ASLA awards (Raleigh)

  • Maire Dekle, MCRP - communications + community relationships, formerly director of outreach + civic relations at start-up LoMo Market (Raleigh)

The Other Finalists:

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  • Park N' Walk: Banish parking pains. Enjoy your city on foot. Park-N-walk for a happier, healthier community!
  • WeWalk, Inc: gamifying fitness and encourages kids to learn about their city.

* These two of the finalists were also selected as finalists for funding with our investment partner Jumpstart Foundry.

Ten finalists from across the country!

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