Multi-City Innovation Campaign

Application Details

Application deadline is April 10, 2015 (11:59pm PT)

You'll be asked to submit the following information below in the online application:

  • Contact information
  • Twitter Pitch (140 characters)
  • Description of your idea and proposed solution for any individual or combination of the 2015 Health Innovation Challenge Areas
  • Team video that introduces who you and/or your team ( < 3 minutes long) - production quality is not important!
  • Product details in your proposed idea and/or prototype: What are you building? Start at the basics. Assume the reader doesn't know anythingabout what you do.
  • Any questions about data required from the partner cities to pursue the development of a prototype
  • Representative sample of code that you've developed (e.g., Github)

Submissions have closed for 2015

For individuals/teams interested in being considered for the Nashville-based Jumpstart Foundry program, you'll also be asked to provide:

  • Your Team: How did the founders meet and how long have you been working together? How doyou delineate your roles and responsibilities? Why did you choose to work together?
  • Proposed or existing company description
  • Competitive Advantage: What is the existing status quo for your industry space and how have you created acompetitive advantage over it?
  • Describe your competition - who are they? Include URL’s to their websites.
  • Target Customer: Who is your customer? What compelling need are you filling for the customer? Who isgoing to pay you and why will they do so?
  • What assumptions have you made and how have you validated the correctness of those assumptions?
  • Key success indicators
  • More questions re: other personal background of founders

Apply Directly for Jumpstart @

Get your ideas ready. Impact our communities.

Judging Criteria & Process

Health innovation and public partnership experts will support designated experts from each participating local government as judges for the ideas submitted. Each judge will rank their top ideas, and based on the rankings across all participating cities, 5-10 finalists will be selected. Those finalists will be asked to continue working on their idea or solution until the final demonstration on June 6, 2015. From there, participating cities and judges from Jumpstart Foundry will select their final winners.

Expert Judge Panel:

  • Rebecca Coelius, MD, Health Lead at Code for America
  • Adam K. Wong, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC)
  • Maya Uppaluru U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Science and Innovation

Final judging criteria are:

  • Potential positive impact on residents, visitors and businesses
  • Novelty of the idea (including user experience and design; adds value to any existing similar solutions)
  • Quality of the idea (including creativity and originality)
  • Potential commercial viability

Winners - Working with Cities

Cities will rank-order the finalists by solutions they want to see deployed in their communities (even if government is not the customer) and commit $5k from their budget to the finalists that receive at least 5 first choice votes. That means, each winner could win a minimum of $25,000 and maximum of $120,000. This process allows for the diversity of city interests and also allows multiple solutions teams to get added support.

Then, the winning teams will work with those committed cities to define what the city will "get" for that grant. Deployments will vary in nature in size and scope. These discussions will be done on a team-by-team basis, depending on the business model, solution type, target users, and maturity and cost structure of the solution. We realize that participants in the MCIC could be at an early, prototype stage, or in testing with initial customers, and therefore may need different levels of engagement from pilot cities.

The discussion period with the city cohort that has selected to fund your solution will be facilitated by the National League of Cities to enter into a mutually agreeable pilot or service commitment.