2015 MCIC Winners Announcement :

Ride Report and Bluelight!

Sep 14: Twenty cities voted on the top innovations they would like to see implemented in their cities. Two teams stood out with potential to address real challenges cities are facing. Now, seven top cities have agreed to pilot these solutions.

  • Ride Report (Knock Software): building better tools to engage citizen advocates and cities around bike infrastructure. Where, when and why are people riding bikes?
  • BlueLight: Improved mobile 911 that shares your precise location, picture, and medical conditions with dispatch for faster emergency response.

MCIC was proud to be recently included in White House announcement of Smart City initiatives.

Administration Announces New “Smart Cities” Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City Services

The National League of Cities and 25 local governments announce the 2015 winners of the Multi-City Innovation Campaign to support the efforts of civic innovators tackling community challenges. The two winners – selected from 10 tech company finalists and voted on by over 20 cities around the country – are Bluelight, a mobile 911 app, and Ride Report, a tool that helps cities collect and analyze bike data. The winning companies have each agreed to undertake a four-city pilot, which will begin in early 2016.

2015 Theme: Next generation technology
for Health and Safety.

Building the pipeline for civic innovation.





25 local governments pledged, up to $120,000

1 Top Startup Accelerator, up to $100,000

10 top tier civic startups identified

20 local governments VOTED on innovations

7 local governments will PILOT innovations

Ten finalists from across the country!

Announcement: Top Ten Finalists Selected!

May 4: After careful deliberation of the dozens of entries addressing issues of health in our communities, ten innovative and qualified finalists have been selected by participating cities to participate in the final round.

  • BlueLight: Improved mobile 911 that shares your precise location, picture, and medical conditions with dispatch for faster emergency response.
  • bluField, Inc: In danger? Instantly broadcast your exact indoor/outdoor location to 911 using your city’s BTLE beacon network and the tourism app, Stroll.
  • CareIT *: A virtual Doctor's office, a medical services marketplace, your online medical home. The perfect complement to high deductible health insurance policies.
  • Community Health TV*: Video-based healthcare programming that educates and empowers minority audiences.
  • Concrn: the compassionate response network. We connect peer responders to people in need of support.
  • HabitatMap, Inc: AirBeam, a wearable air monitor that maps, graphs & crowdsources your pollution exposures in real-time.
  • Ride Report (Knock Software): building better tools to engage citizen advocates and cities around bike infrastructure. Where, when and why are people riding bikes?
  • Memorandum: intelligent mobile messaging to advance health literacy, patient care and chronic disease management for all populations
  • Park N' Walk: Banish parking pains. Enjoy your city on foot. Park-and-walk for a happier, healthier community!
  • WeWalk, Inc: gamifying fitness and encourages kids to learn about their city.

* These two of the finalists were also selected as finalists for funding with our investment partner Jumpstart Foundry.

Cities - Join Us!

Twenty-five leading local and state governments across the country are partnering to prove that cities and regions can work together with developer, creative, and entrepreneurial communities to improve public and community health and kickstart quality innovation.

Jumpstart Foundry, one of the country's leading health technology startup accelerators, is partnering with the cities and regions to launch the next game-changing, sustainable, and scalable technology.

Health Challenges

Cities and regions face many challenges related to public health, community health, health services, and healthcare technology. Cities and regions also have public safety and economic development challenges that impact health, and need attention from innovators.

Some Example Challenges could address:

  • Identifying and supporting Emergency Care high frequency “super-users”
  • Monitoring pollution in urban areas
  • Transparency of the cost of care
  • Creating bike-safe communities

More on Urban Health Focus Areas

Key Dates

  • Feb 20-22: CodeAcross Events (Code for America) Find like-minded developers, creators, designers, and entrepreneurs in your local community to develop your ideas
  • April 10 (Updated): Online Submissions Due for Ideas/Prototypes (click below)
  • May 1 (Updated): Finalists Announced
  • Jun 6: Finalists Demo Latest Prototypes
  • July 13 (Updated): Winner(s) Selected
  • July-Aug: Winners and Cities discuss pilot scopes and implementations
  • Sep-Dec: Winners and Cities work to Deploy

Submit your idea.
Impact our communities.

Developer Opportunity

  • Submit your idea by April 10 to tackle the most challenging health issues in our cities and communities.
  • Develop proof-of-concept apps that City and State Partners will review and support for development into full prototypes.
  • Prototypes that meet City and State Partner needs can potentially receive $5,000 from each city, for a total of up to $120,000.
  • In addition, your proposal will be considered by our Partner Health Tech Accelerator JumpStart Foundry for their 2015 class.

Application Details

Developer Resources

More Open Data for Health

National Partners

Partner with 25 Innovative Local
and State Governments

Group of Cities.png

City and State Partners Pledge

  • $5,000 in payment for the winning technology, if the City chooses to deploy that new technology in its community.
  • Help spread the word about the MCIC opportunity to local entrepreneurial and technology communities (e.g., universities, developer groups, accelerators, co-working offices, startup community, etc.).
  • Serve as a judge to review the submitted idea entries and prototypes.
  • Provide relevant publicly available data to support the development of the technology, if available from the City and State.


  • Work with winner(s) in developing/testing the solution during first year of solution development (if needed).

Want to join as a City Partner?

Partnering with Private Investors

One of the nation's leading accelerators, based in Nashville, TN, has reserved a spot for one of the MCIC finalists in the 2015 competition as a finalist in the Jumpstart Foundry 2015 class. If selected, that could include up to $100,000 in seed capital in exchange for up to 7.5% in equity.

If you are an accelerator or an incubator in one of participating cities, and are interested in partnering with one of the City Innovators in this program, please email David Maloney @ Maloney[AT]

The Pilot 2014 Multi-City Innovation Campaign

In 2014, the cities of Boston, Nashville, Palo Alto, and Raleigh boot-strapped a programmatic and legal framework to provide seed funding jointly to good ideas to civic challenges. We called it the Multi-City Innovation Campaign. Creative, I know! The Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation recently recognized this collaborative effort as a “Bright Idea” in the Innovation of American Government Awards.

In 2015, we hope you will join this growing movement of local innovation for local challenges and

  • Spread the word!
  • Submit an idea!
  • Become a City Innovator!
Bright Idea final_2.png

Harvard Kennedy School of Government recognized MCIC in 2014 as a “Bright Idea” in its Innovation of American Government Awards.

How did it work in 2014?

In February and March, we reached out through the Code for America and civic hacking community in each of our cities, seeking the best ideas to address challenges in Economic Development, Analytics and Data Visualization.

Out of the dozens of idea submissions, six high quality finalists were selected by the cities and founding partner JumpStart Foundry. Finalists had two months to create final prototypes and present their final demos on May 30, in conjunction with the National Civic Day of Hacking.

The 2014 Winners

Two projects were selected as winners and awarded funding through the program and our partner JumpStart Foundry. These projects have continued to move forward as of December 2014 in the following ways:

  • Spotwise: Advanced video analytics and parking solution in Nashville. Chosen by private investing partner JumpStart Foundry to receive $15,000 seed capital and a slot in their accelerator. Later Spotwise raised an additional $50,000 of private investment and created three full-time jobs.
  • Ziiio: Indoor navigation solution using beacons. Jules White, a Vanderbilt computer science assistant professor and team lead, received the top votes for the MCIC award, licensed the technology from Vanderbilt, and incorporated his company. This video highlights the features of the MCC Wayfinding App premiered at the launch in November. Work is ongoing to deploy the technology in the city hall buildings of other 2014 pilot cities.

More on 2014 MCIC

Demonstrating Local Government as Platform.